Tiffany Tremaine

Artist member since 2020
Toronto, Ontario

Tiffany Tremaine is an artist located in Toronto Ontario, whose work focus's on life and all of it's little things. Tiffany looks to explore life and how it works and evolves, and uncover the mysteries in our morals, ethics, and emotional evolution in her personal work exploring her poetry as a living memorial.

Tiffany recently attended OCAD University of Art and Design, recieving a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) in the Life Studies program with Honours and Distinction. Prior to OCAD U, Tiffany studied at H.B. Beal Secondary School in London Ontario, completing the BEALART interdisciplinary program, as well as a year of specialization in Photography and Painting. Tiffany's work has been featured in publications, and small gallery shows. Notably, Tiffany's collaborative project "Bio Design Inc" was preformed with Ahlena Sultana McGarry, Bracha Stettin, and Chris Liethead at the MOMA as Part of the Bio Design Challenge in 2017. "Bio Furniture Inc" was also displayed as an installation at the SVA in Manhattan. Tiffany works in interdisciplinary media, prominently photography, poetry, interactive time-based media, video, sculpture and installation.

Tiffany recently showed in OCAD U's Grad EX in 2019. Her thesis work in completing her BFA, "Just Another Little Thing, Hanging Over Your Head" focuses on Tiffany's written archives, coming to terms with the past, and primarily explores destruction as a form of creation.



Only thing you need when you leave the house

Ideally, if keys did not exist, I'd leave with just my bike! There is so much to find in the city, and always places to explore.

Beverage of choice

I think I'd be discounting myself if I didn't admit I had a *minor* coffee habit. I also enjoy a tasty summer sangria-and any sour. I have done a lot fo bartending in the service industry-I'm always excited to try a new cocktail, or make something special.

When did you start making art, and why?

I started what I call my body of work in high school, I was probably 16 or 17 when the weight of what I could put into something hit me. I'm delightfully haunted by that feeling of creation, and making in general. It keeps me up at night and it helps me sleep. If you ask me, I like the creative category of a poet in a metaphorical sense. I've built poetry into the way I look at life, and how I overcome obstacles and difficulties.

What do you listen to when you work?

Lately, I've been trying to listen to as much music by local artists as possible. I love Ruby Waters and Passport Radio dearly. The music scene in Toronto is full of many talented individuals. Short Answer-anything I can sing along too-I have a soft spot for Etta James, and Frank Sinatra.

Why is it important for people to have art in their home or life?

Art becomes a mood booster, a place for a pensive thought, and a place to look, a reminder of an emotion, and something to consider. Art will always create these spaces in our heads, and spaces in our homes that allow us new energy. Artists pour a little bit of themselves into what they make, and when you get that in your home, you can collect those pieces and put your life into them.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Public Work Near Landsdowne Station, Toronto, Ontario
In Praise of Green

Select Past Exhibitions

School of Visual Arts(SVA), Manhattan, New York
Bio Design


OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario
Grad Ex


OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario
Drawing at First sight


122 John St, Toronto, Ontario
2 Hot 2 Hang


Toronto. Ontario
Punk Circus


Great Hall, OCAD U, Toronto Ontario
Untitled Exhibition


Tiffany Tremaine
Ada Slaight Scholarship


Studio Offcourse
Creator Collection-Tiffany Tremaine


Exeter-Lakeshore Times
Local Artist Holly Clausius Releases New music Video


2016 Lookbook


OCAD University
BFA-Life Studies


H.B. Beal Secondary School
Specialization-Photography &Painiting

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